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Who We Are and How To Contact Us
Australian Cybermalls Pty Ltd (ABN 33-071-701-918) opened for business in November 1995 to provide a professional, economical way for other businesses to open and maintain a presence on the Internet. We're a small, independent transnational Australian company. Our managing director is Dafyd Martindale. You're most welcome to email him anytime.

We provide a complete range of site design, content management and non-dialup Internet services at affordable rates, as well as assistance with site marketing and promotion.

Our offices are located at the South Burnett Enterprise Centre, 6 Cornish Street, Kingaroy 4610 Australia and you can contact us by email, by phone on +61-7-4162-3899 or by post at PO Box 613 Kingaroy QLD 4610 Australia. You can also fax us (if you wish) on +61-7-4162-9097.

The site you're now visiting came into full operation on 5th April 1996. We've regarded April 5th as our birthday ever since.

A Quick History Of Our Site

When Australian Cybermalls started we attracted a little less than 1,000 unique visitors in our first month on the Net. But a year later (April 1997) that figure had risen to about 20,000 visitors a month; and after another year (April 1998) this had grown to about 50,000 visitors a month. By the end of our third year (April 1999) this had grown again to around 80,000 visitors a month.

This was equivalent to 300,000 web pages and required 8.68 GBytes of bandwidth.

In September 1998 we moved onto fast 155 Mb/sec OC-3 lines, and in March 1999 moved again to an ever faster 455 Mb/sec OC-48 line. You can view our most current site statistics by clicking here.

What You'll Find Here

Australian Cybermalls contains a mixture of:
Commercial retail sites
These are sites operated by commercial traders which offer goods or services for sale, or which provide an information resource for intending purchasers who'd like to do some comparison shopping. Most of our commercial sites provide something of value free to reward you for dropping by. The prices they quote are generally in Australian dollars, though some express prices in $US.
Entertainment sites
These are sites operated by Australian Cybermalls or others which do not operate for profit. They're fun sites that show you where to get free software, graphics, information or find other great places on the Net. These sites are funded by our commercial tenants and/or by advertisers.
Affiliate sites
These are international sites which have opened a presence at Australian Cybermalls to bring their products and services to the attention of our visitors, and who've agreed to abide by our site policies. Unlike the first two categories, they are not hosted directly on our servers. Most quote their prices in US dollars.

Real Products and Services

The commercial sites in Australian Cybermalls often display niche products or services that are not generally available in the normal retail market. Or they provide large quantities of detailed product information so that you can research your purchase decision before you enter a terrestrial retail store.

Some of these products and services are unusual but all products and services displayed by our commercial tenants are certainly real, worthwhile and deliverable.You can buy with confidence from any commercial site you'll find here.

Unlike some sites on the Internet, we know almost all our tenants personally and stay closely in touch with each one of them on a frequent basis through our regular client updates, email and personal contacts. So we can certify to you that they're established (and very good!) real-world businesses who are using the Net as an online extension to their normal daily operations.

Ordering and Purchasing

If you're visiting our site from outside Australia you'll be pleased to know that most of our commercial traders are happy to ship your order anywhere in the world (though from time to time some products or offers are limited to Australia or the USA only - and where this is the case you'll find this is made quite plain).

Australia has access to advanced freight forwarding systems and in most cases any physical products you order can be delivered to your doorstep within 2 to 10 days, depending on where you are. All our traders can be reached by phone and fax as well as email.

The same applies if you're in Australia and are ordering products or services from our international affiliates.

If you're ordering online, you'll also be pleased to know that from January 1997 all our online order forms were moved onto a secure commerce server for your own security and peace of mind. All our commercial tenants making use of online forms can accept at least VISA and Mastercard too (some accept other cards as well).

Our Guarantee

All the tenants in Australian Cybermalls maintain the highest ethical standards and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you aren't satisfied with any goods or services you purchase through any of our sites - for any reason - our traders agree to refund your purchase price in full promptly and cheerfully as soon as you return the product.

This is common business practice in the 1990s and we know we certainly wouldn't want to deal with any business that didn't have enough faith in its products or services to do this. We're sure you wouldn't either.

If any trader on our site should ever fail to live up to this guarantee (and no-one has yet, we hasten to add!) you can contact us and we'll follow the matter up on your behalf.


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