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No Adult, MLM, Get Rich Quick or Spam-Driven Products
In an ideal world most people would behave decently and it wouldn't be necessary to have a set of content policies. But the world isn't ideal and the Net closely mirrors real life. We've developed a few simple rules that help us determine who we'll host and who we won't. Here's what they are:

Australian Cybermalls doesn't host any sites that deal with sex, pornography or adult products, or which foster intolerance or promote hatred, and we won't knowingly accept advertising for sites like this either. We recognise that a variety of people object to these sorts of sites for a variety of reasons and we respect that. We're a family-oriented site and our content is for general viewing. We don't broadcast anything that we'd feel uncomfortable about our own children seeing.
We take the same attitude with MLM products. It seems highly questionable to us that MLM is founded on the concept that it's more profitable to recruit people into a sales chain than it is to actually sell product. While there are probably some ethical and successful MLM companies out there, the majority we've seen aren't and the the industry is completely unregulated. Until it cleans up its act (if it ever does) we're very happy to let these sites pass us by. We won't knowingly advertise MLM products either.
We've also never found a get rich quick scheme that makes anyone rich except the promoter. We believe that the path to prosperity is founded on delivering real value. And that generally entails a lot of hard work. Selling dreams of effortless wealth to gullible or desperate people doesn't impress us at all. If this means that we'll never host a site headlined "How To Make $1,000,000 In 30 Days" or discover "How To Make A Fortune In Direct Mail" that's unfortunate .....but hey! we're over it.
Finally, we're affronted by spam like most people on the Net and we applaud moves to outlaw it and/or make it a financially ruinous practice. Honestly, why do people bother? We certainly don't mind clients mailing out information to visitors who've requested it or receiving information we've requested ourselves. But we do mind being mass-mailed by strangers. We won't host sites that do this either.

Honest Conduct and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Some cybermalls charge their tenants a percentage of every online sale they make. We certainly don't! We charge a modest monthly fee for a Mall StoreFront, but we allow our tenants to get on with their business in the way they see best.

Other cybermalls (and most ISPs) will also accept anyone who pays their fees without questioning their bona-fides. Again, we don't! We're pretty choosy about who we agree to host.

There are many things more important than money and we think quality and integrity are two of them. Call us old-fashioned if you will, but it works for us and the clients we do host and we're not about to change.

We do insist that all our tenants agree to abide by our core policies (see above), treat visitors well, respond to email enquiries promptly and courteously and be willing to offer a full refund on any returned goods. And to their undying credit, not one of our tenants has ever had a problem with any of these conditions. After all, they're simply good business practice and sound common sense, aren't they?

Privacy and Security

Australian Cybermalls respects the privacy of all our visitors and we don't allow any of our tenants to re-sell any lists they acquire through operating a site with us. This practice is a betrayal of trust.

We also use SSL ordering systems to provide security for all of our customers who order online, and as part of that security system all customer credit card details are removed from our SSL server as soon as possible after an order is received. Not because SSL is unsafe, but because we want to provide absolute peace of mind to anyone who's even remotely uncomfortable with online commerce.

Cookies And Advertising

Lastly, Australian Cybermalls use third-party advertising companies - primarily Google Adsense - to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.

If you'd like more information about this practice and would like to know your options in relation to not having this information used by these companies, click here.

Help Us To Help You!

Australian Cybermalls has had these simple policies in place since we started in 1996 and they've worked very well for everyone. But we know that no system is perfect and in the end the ultimate arbiter of our tenants' behaviour is you - our visitor, customer and friend.

We're sure you'll understand that it's very important to us and all our good tenants that we never have a bad apple in the barrel. So if you should ever have a problem with any Mall tenant that you can't resolve with them, then by all means please contact us and we'll look into it for you ourselves.


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