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How To Advertise With Us
Australian Cybermalls is one of Australia's top retail sites and its largest online Mall. Every single day we receive between 2,200 and 3,200 visitors and broadcast an average of 9,000 pages of information from our servers. Our off-site clients and affiliates broadcast many more.

This makes us a very good place to advertise. And we're always happy to help other sites who agree with our site policies to publicise their own news, products and services through us. We think Internet advertising is a service that helps make this the most exciting medium on Earth. So do most of the people who drop by to see us.

Australian Cybermalls is unique in many ways - and one of them is that we're a pay per click network. Why? Because it makes us 10 times better value for our advertisers and helps brings Net advertising within the reach of almost anyone

That's correct! We don't charge you for banner exposures (most of which are never seen or ignored). Only for click-thrus from the small handful of genuinely interested people who see your message and react to it.

But why is pay per click advertising 10 times better value than traditional pay per expose advertising? Here are the unvarnished facts that most pay per exposure networks don't want to talk about and would probably prefer you didn't know:

How Internet Advertising

Advertising on the Net is really no different to advertising in other media. In a very real sense, it's a numbers game.

You can expose your banner to 10,000 people the same way you can place an ad in your local newspaper and have it seen by 10,000 people.

As in the real world, only a very small percentage of people who see your message will be interested enough to pay any attention to it. And an even smaller percentage will be so strongly motivated by your announcement that they'll click your banner and visit your site (or call you, if you were running a press ad).

The industry average click-thru rate across all sites on the Net is currently about 1%. In other words, if you pay for 10,000 banner exposures you'll usually only manage to persuade 100 people to visit your site. Some campaigns do better and (many) do worse - but this is certainly the general Mall-wide average we see ourselves. It's also the average reported by most of the credible research companies that study Internet advertising.

And what response can you expect from 100 motivated visitors? Since 1996, Australian Cybermalls' customers and affiliates have found that if you have an effective ecommerce site, you can usually expect to generate about 2.5 new customers from every 100 visitors to your site (a figure now also being reported Net-wide by independent studies).

Most pay-per-exposure banner ad networks on the Net charge an average rate of $25 per 1,000 exposures (and some charge much more). Australian Cybermalls charges a flat rate of 25c per click-thru instead .

This is demonstrably at least 10 times better value for our advertisers than CPM (cost-per-thousand) advertising. Just compare the difference for a typical 10,000 banner ad campaign, assuming your banner achieves a 1% click-thru (and if it only achieves 0.5%, then pay-per-click is 20 times better value):

Why We're 10 Times
Better Value

Australian Cybermalls
(25c per click-thru)

($25 per 1,000)


10,000 (nominal)


Click-Thrus @ 1%



Sales @ 2.5%



Campaign cost



Cost per sale



PS: If a cost of $10 per sale sounds a little high to you, remember that you're acquiring a new customer with each sale and if they like you, they'll buy many, many more products and/or services from you over a lifetime of dealings.

New customers are the lifeblood of any business. And in the offline world new customer acquisition typically costs several hundred to several thousand per head. Don't believe it? Add up all your outlays on advertising and marketing over the last 12 months and divide it by the number of new customers you acquired. Internet advertising actually beats the pants off most of the media you use now.

NB: All banner ads at Australian Cybermalls are served automatically by our banner administration software and appear in our general rotation sequence throughout the Mall. Advertisers are issued with an individual account so they can monitor the performance of their campaign at any time they choose.

Australian Cybermalls advertisers can also nominate start and stop dates for campaigns or individual messages. Advertisers can also run multiple banners - either simultaneously, or in sequence.

Terms & Conditions

The most common form of Internet advertising is a hyperlinked horizontal strip ad. All banner strip ads should be in the W3C standard 468 x 60-pixel format and shouldn't exceed 12,000 bytes in weight (but we can accommodate banners that vary slightly from these requirements).

Naturally, we reserve the right to reject any advertisement that doesn't meet our quality standards (golly! there's some awful strip ads out there!). And we're happy to prepare strip ads for you if you don't have them or can't prepare them yourself. We charge $A50 per strip for this. But you own the final product and are free to use it again anywhere you like.

We also prefer to host advertisements on our own 455Mb/sec OC48 server in order to provide the best possible display speeds for our visitors. However, we'll accept remotely-hosted advertisements from specialist web advertising agencies or corporations who have access to a highly reliable server and at least a T3 line.

NB: Australian Cybermalls doesn't currently use third-party audience ratings services to monitor our traffic because we don't really think we need to. Our server logs are maintained independently and we can't influence them in any meaningful way. We've published monthly traffic summaries from our logs on site every month since we began - and you can view a summary of our recent site traffic statistics by clicking here.

However, if you're really skeptical we're quite happy to let view our server logs directly yourself. Most web sites in Australia currently won't even broadcast their advertising rates, much less show you their logs. We think you can work out what this indicates for yourself.

Booking A Campaign

Australian Cybermalls retails banner advertising in $A50 blocks (ie per 200 click-thrus - if you'd like to find out what this is in your currency, click here).

All advertising packages must be paid for in advance. We accept Visa and Mastercard. You can also pay by cheque if you prefer, but please note that we're forced to charge an extra $10 for processing non-Australian cheques. We also accept direct deposits to our Brisbane bank account.

If you'd like to advertise with Australian Cybermalls, the easiest way to begin is to send us an email outlining your requirements. We'll reply to you within 24 hours.

Please Note: from 01-Oct-04 we are no longer accepting banner advertising. This situation may alter in the future and - if so - we'll put an advice here to that effect. Thankyou to the many people who've made inaquiries about this. We apologise for being too busy to reply to you individually. If you'd like to advertise on our site, you should buy Google AdWords and ask for your ads to be run specifically on our pages.


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