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What's A Mall Storefront?
Australian Cybermalls is a popular destination for many people on the Net. We're also one of the largest shopping sites in Australia (even though 92% of our traffic comes from overseas). So we're often approached by other businesses asking how they can join us. If this describes you, we've created a Mall Storefront package to meet your needs.

A Mall Storefront is a combination of a hyperlink from our main Mall index to your site coupled with banners, backup exposure services and ongoing access to our expert ecommerce division.

Australian Cybermalls actually operates as an online collective of individual sites who share the same fundamental values, are truly committed to the Net and who recognise that we're all much stronger together than we are individually. So we genuinely partner with all our customers to help them succeed, and everyone who joins us agrees to become part of this ever-expanding collective and partner with us as well

For many online businesses, a Mall Storefront can generate as much traffic as a prominent listing in a major search engine. Right now. And because we're a selective Mall and really quite choosy about who we accept, you'll find that our loyal visitors are keen to meet you too!

Mall Storefront Package

In practice, Australian Cybermalls operates as a pay-per-click network. We only charge for the actual click-thrus made to your site - not the total exposures needed to create them (typically, 50 to 100 times higher).

Impartial testing over a long period of time by both our customers and third party research firms has shown that if you have an effective ecommerce site you can usually expect to create a new customer from every 33 to 50 click-thrus (at a closure rate of 2% to 3%) if you're being seen by people who have a genuine interest in your product or service.

So our Mall Storefront is a combination exposure package which allows you to obtain a guaranteed minimum of 3,000 click-thrus from us over a 12-month period (and you may well get many more - but this is the minimum level that we'll guarantee you on a 1999-2000 buy). This usually equates to between 150,000 and 300,000 total exposures.

A Mall Storefront includes:

  • A hyperlink to your site on our main Mall Index, along with appropriate images and/or text to link back to us (if you don't wish to link back to us, then please look at our banner advertising packages instead - partnering is a two-way street).
  • A news story when you join us, and a news story per month thereafter (client supplied copy)
  • 10,000 banner ad exposures (client supplied 468 x 60 pixel < 12K banner - additional Mall banner advertising is available to you at half our standard rates. You can monitor your ad performance in our banner ad manager, and alter your banner ads at any time)
  • A guaranteed minimum of 3,000 visitors to your site within the first 12 months (you'll also have direct access to our traffic logs to verify this yourself) Our guarantee: if you do not for any reason receive at least 3,000 visitors as shown by our logging mechanisms, we'll maintain your storefront without charge until you do. Otherwise, if your click-thrus are higher than 3,000 over 12 months, all click-thrus you receive above the guaranteed 3,000 minimum are free.
  • Access to our expert back end support services including regular client email newsletters, site promotion resources and accurate, plain English assistance and advice from one of Australia's oldest and largest e-commerce sites.

Our 1999-2000 fee for a Mall StoreFront at Australian Cybermalls is $A750. This equates to $A0.25c per click-thru on our current guarantee level, and even less (much, much less) if you do as well as many of our existing clients already do.

Our rates naturally increase over time as our traffic rises - but all Australian Cybermalls customers are allowed to renew their Storefront annually - in perpetuity - at whatever their buy-in rate was at the time they joined us (this is our way of recognising and rewarding your loyalty - the longer you stay part of Australian Cybermalls, the more truly amazing value we become).

Terms and Conditions

A big part of the reason why Australian Cybermalls is such a popular Net destination is because we're also a selective Mall. We don't want to be the biggest. We'd just like to be the best we can be.

So we ask all our tenants to agree to our simple site policies and we really do reject sites that we don't feel are suitable for our tenant mix. We also immediately - and permanently - terminate any site that breaches these policies, in the general interests of everyone.

Quality is much more important to us than money, as it is for almost everyone who comes to see us. So we're looking for effective sites to join us. Sites which will delight and inform our visitors and extend the range of unique content we cover and the spread of services we can provide.

Sites - in short - manned by real people who are committed to the Net and the well-being of their own customers long-term, rather than the many "wannabes" looking for an easy ride on the backs of our hard-working sites.

For example, we don't accept adult, MLM, get-rich-quick and spam-driven sites. Period. And we're also very likely to decline sites which:

  • are amateurish (though we can assist with site critiques and redesigns if you need help)
  • don't have secure SSL ordering (but we can make it available to you if you can't obtain it)
  • are virtually brand new or still "under construction" (hey! how do we know you'll stick with it?)
  • are simply automated price lists (we want to see some interesting depth of content. If your site can't say anything except "Here's my products - buy them or go away" please go away yourself. No wonder no-one visits you. Golly! What an instant coma!)
  • don't have a domain (but we can help - and if you're serious about ecommerce, it's really in your best interests to have one)
  • are sited on slow or unreliable servers (our own Unix hosting company eservers can provide you access to 455Mb/sec OC-48 speeds with 99.5% guaranteed uptime)
  • are not generally accessible to the majority of Net users (eg: Java applets are particularly annoying to Netscape users; JavaScripts can frequently fail or crash in Explorer - see our design guidelines for a general outline of what we mean by "wide accessibility").
  • which don't represent real, flesh-and-blood businesses
    (if customers can't buy from you in the real world if they want to, how can they trust you? Golly! How can we?....)
  • sites which have no real chance of success (other people will stay quiet and take your money - we'll refuse to take it but tell you why we think you're throwing it away, in detail).

We do have a genuine soft spot for honest, hard working businesses and organisations with niche products and services who may be having a hard time getting the exposure they deserve. So if HTML authoring isn't your strong suit but you have something worthwhile to offer, you shouldn't be discouraged from applying.

We want to help you (not put you down!). All the same, we think it's terribly unprofessional to take money from people who are doing obviously wrong things.

So if you approach us, we'd rather tell you what we think you're doing wrong (if we think you're doing something wrong) than try to make an unfair profit out of you. After all, you can always try again later. If you take our advice you'll get better results, we'll get a better site and our visitors will get another very good reason to add us to their bookmarks. Everybody wins!

And you have to admit, we do have some pretty great sites in the Mall, don't we?

Getting A Mall Storefront

Australian Cybermalls will bill you on acceptance of a Storefront Agreement. Your storefront will be activated when the annual $A750 fee is paid.

If your agreement is not accepted, we'll explain why and offer constructive suggestions on how we think you might improve what you're doing. These suggestions will always be well meant, if sometimes breathtakingly direct.

Alternately, if you have any questions about a Mall Storefront that we haven't answered here (or want to supply us with your URL to obtain a copy of our Storefront Agreement and/or some immediate feedback on whether you're truly Mall material or not) then by all means feel free to email us and ask. We're always happy to help!


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