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The sites listed here are the principal daily media sites in Australia. Most (though not all) are metropolitan or national news media, and most provide a substantial subset of their daily print or broadcast output on their sites. The sole exception is EventNet, which is a privately-run entertainment listing site that provides national event coverage.

AAP Infocentre
The Australian Associated Press news site. Allows limited searches of AAP news stories and provides daily selections of general news, finance and sports stories each Monday to Friday, along with the national weather forecast. Also carries news relating to AAP's racing information services.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast
ABC Online
Part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's national Internet site. Provides continuous news headlines from ABC Radio's Newslink service which are updated every 5 to 30 minutes, 24 hours a day.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Very Fast
The Age
Melbourne's largest daily broadsheet. Provides daily news headlines, daily news features, a very large weekly computing section, an equally large education section, daily editorials, Melbourne weather and a daily news briefing service. Film reviews will be added shortly. Direct link into Fairfax's online classifieds as well.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Very Fast
The Australian
Australia's only national daily broadsheet. Provides a daily news and sports briefing (this can be customised!), a vast computing section (including a daily computer news update), an equally vast higher education section, an Internet and new media section, direct links to News Limited's online Newsclassifieds classified ad service, a full site index and the newspaper's contact directory. (NB: this site will reload itself and appear unframed)
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Very Fast
Australian Financial Review
Australia's national daily financial newspaper. Provides 3 major daily news stories in depth, a one-page news review, lead investment story and investment columnists, an Infotech section of daily IT&T news stories, market commentaries, editorial, current bank rates and full text articles. Also advertising contacts for the paper.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast
The Bush Telegraph
Australia's only daily rural media, and part of the ABC's online site. Provides daily news transcripts from ABC radio broadcasts on issues of interest to primary producers, complete national weather (via the Bureau of Meteorology), a rural radio program index and state-by-state broadcasting frequencies, along with a very extensive list of Australian rural links.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Very Fast
The Canberra Times
The daily newspaper of the Australian Capital Territory. This high-quality site features daily news stories, current weather information, feature and lifestyle stories, links to related Canberra sites and a great deal more.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast
Australia's most comprehensive national directory of current events in art, classical music, concerts, conventions, dance, exhibitions, musicals, opera, special events, theatre and sports, along with direct links to participating venues (eg: Sydney Opera House), caterers and ticket bookings. Still being developed at the present time, but very comprehensive.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast
The Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney's largest daily broadsheet. Provides comprehensive daily news summaries, a weekly Metro entertainment guide covering music, film, CD and Internet reviews; a large weekly computer section featuring news, columns, buyers guides and software/games reviews; Real-Audio interviews on Internet issues; a weekly Drive motoring section; daily editorial and links directly into Fairfax's online classifieds and the Herald's "Towards 2000" section.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast

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