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The sites listed here are former Australian media sites which have died but have not yet been removed from the servers where they reside. This page serves as an obituary column. If these media resurrect, they will be moved back into the appropriate Newsdesk section. If the media are moved offline, the name will remain here for reference since the publishers may still own the rights to it.

Australian Dirt Bike Magazine
A full-page advertisement for a monthly colour glossy magazine. Disappeared during April 1997.
Australian Enterprise Review
An online ezine for a right-wing think tank which disappeared at some time during April 1997.
Australian Music Magazine
Formerly Australia's premier music site. Very sadly, this closed in mid-1996 and is now offline.
B-Scene (Brisbane)
Formerly Brisbane's online club and band ezine, devoted to nightlife in Brisbane (the state capital of Queensland). This site now aliases directly to the author's home page. Died May 1997.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast
Byte This
The remains of the Byte This radio show broadcast on the MMM network during 1996.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Average
Evolution Online
An Australian ezine which - sadly - stopped evolving during May 1997 and simply disappeared.
InMusic & Media
The former online music ezine of the IMMEDIA group, which turned into a subscription only venture in July 1997.
Internet Australasia
Australia's oldest monthly Internet magazine, purchased and merged by rival Internet.Au in July 1997.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Average
Marie Claire
The Australian edition of Marie Claire ran an online mirror of the magazine during its first year of publication in Australia in 1996.
Metro Magazine
An ezine which covered film, TV, video and multi-media product design. Folded in July 1997.
Oz Online Gig Guide
The former weekly Australia-wide gig guide which expired in September 1996.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast
PC Week Australia
Sadly, this site was taken offline when PC Week Australia closed down in May 1997 after more than 7 years of publication.
An amateur music enthusiast ezine which ceased publication in December 1996 and moved offline in July 1997.
Smic E-zine
A well put-together amateur music enthusiast zine. Sadly, closed at the end of 1996 and is now offline.
The Courious Smell
A loose parody of Queensland's Courier-Mail daily newspaper with the author's personal viewpoints on contemporary news items. Died around April 1996 but may be revived in 1997.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Average
Travelbug Webazine
An Australian travel ezine which was updated monthly until it suddenly ceased operating in May 1997.
Your Computer
The home page of Your Computer, a long-established Australian monthly computer magazine primarily targeted at first-time users and hobbyists, which ceased publication in July 1997.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast

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