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This page lists the major sources of Internet news in Australia. Most of the sites listed here are monthly print publications (though some are not). The primary interest of all media listed here is the Internet, and these media are the best sources of up-to-date specialist Internet information in Australia outside the computing sections of the Daily News media.

Australian Cybermalls News
Our own daily news service. Updated daily Monday to Friday. Carries the principal Internet story of the day (primarily an Australian focus) or news relating to Australian Cybermalls itself.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast
Australian Net Guide
Australia's newest monthly Internet magazine, this site has recently been redeveloped and offers considerable depth of content. Features include daily news stories, a regular monthly feature, an online version of the monthly magazine, reviews of unusual web sites, special reports, links to free stuff and Internet competitions, tutorials and expert commentaries.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast
Australian Webmaster
Australia's former monthly magazine for Internet webmasters, recently sold to the WideWest media group and currently awaiting a relaunch. Formerly featured the magazine's monthly editorial and two lead feature articles along with daily news headlines (via a hyperlink to IDG), a monthly Internet events calendar (ditto) and an online chat forum.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast
Australia's second-oldest monthly Internet magazine. Features daily Internet news stories, an extensive archive of detailed site reviews from the magazine, online copies of the month's major feature stories, a well-presented FAQ section and an extensive feedback area. The appeal of the site is dented slightly by continuously rotating banner ads in a framed area, so this link bypasses the frames completely. The site itself offers considerable depth of content.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Average
The award-winning online site for the Austereo radio network's weekly Net@Nite radio program. Features include a Real Audio copy of the weekly broadcast, Site Of The Nite, Games Reviews and a weekly Games Top 5, EnTertainment News (gossip on TV, movies, celebrities etc), a live Java chat area for use during the broadcast, email from viewers, an archive of all previous shows and a great deal more.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Average to Fast
Online World
A truly bizarre site and difficult to describe, Online World is part of IDG's extensive Internet presence and is probably intended as the glue to bind disparate parts together (though it's sometimes difficult to see the precise connection). Features ComputerWorld daily news headlines, downloadable software area, book reviews, an IDG site search facility, feature stories from IDG publications and a site listing service co-sponsored by Wide West Media. Frames are not well-behaved - but great fun, all the same.
Last reviewed 04-08-97 Speed Rating: Fast

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