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Australian Radio & TV
The sites listed here are Australian radio and TV stations (almost all sites at present are radio stations). Many are metropolitan, but just as many are located in rural areas.

2AD (Armidale)
2AM - The Edge (Sydney)
2AY (Albury/Wodonga)
2BL (Sydney)
2BS (Bathurst)
2CA (Canberra)
2DAY-FM (Sydney)
2DU (Dubbo)
2JJJ (National)
2LT (Lithgow)
2MC (Port Macquarie)
2NCR FM 92.9 (Lismore)
2NUR (Newcastle)
2UNE (Armidale)
2XX (Canberra)
3BBB FM 97.5 (Ballarat)
3CR (Melbourne)
3LO (Melbourne)
4TO (North Queensland)
5DN (Adelaide)
5UV (Adelaide)
91.5 KIX-FM (Melbourne)
ABC Classic FM (National)
B104.9 FM (Albury-Wodonga)
Bay FM (Geelong)
FBi FM (Sydney)
FM 104 Triple M (National)
FM 104.7 (Canberra)
Fox FM 101.9 (Melbourne)
Hitz-FM (Melbourne)
Kick AM (Sydney)
K-Rock (Geelong)
Kiss 90 FM (Melbourne)
Magic 693 (Melbourne)
Maitland FM
NewFM 105.3 (Newcastle)
North FM (Sydney)
NXFM (Newcastle)
Plenty Valley FM (Melbourne)
PCR FM (Gosford)
Radio Australia
ROX FM (Coffs Harbour)
SA FM (Adelaide)
SEA FM (Sunshine Coast)
Sonshine FM 98.5 (Perth)
TTT FM 100.9 (Tasmania)

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