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Australian & New Zealand Search Engines
The sites listed here are the major search engines for Australia and New Zealand. Some (like AAA Announce Australia Archive) provide a new listings service; others provide general database search capabilities; and still others (like the Yellow Pages Alta Vista site) are local mirrors of international engines.

AAA Announce Australia Archive
Australia's premier new site listing service, now mirrored in the USA. Offers continuously updated new site listing announcements (both for Australia and, in a different section, international sites), the Matilda search engine, cool sites, news sources and a great deal more.
Last reviewed 21-06-97 Speed Rating: Very Fast
AAA Top 50
Australia's only objective Top 50 sites listing. Sites are selected based on the visits made by AAA's visitors. Updated daily.
Last reviewed 21-06-97 Speed Rating: Very Fast
Alta Vista (Australian Mirror)
The Australian mirror for Digital's Alta Vista search engine, run as a joint venture between Digital and Telstra Australia. Offers all the facilities of the US Alta Vista site and operates in an identical fashion, but advertisements are local and response times are faster for Australian users.
Last reviewed 21-06-97 Speed Rating: Very Fast
Australia's newest search engine - a joint venture between OzEmail (Australia's largest ISP) and Inktomi. Offers advanced searching capabilities including the ability to limit searches to geographic regions, domains or individual servers and to search for phrases, words, URL's, links and file formats like .gif and .jpg images, shockwave, java and javascript.
Last reviewed 21-06-97 Speed Rating: Very Fast
Australian Internet Directory
Widewest Media's Australian site listing service. Sites listed here are used as the basis for an Australian Internet book published periodically, but search performance can be unreliable at times.
Last reviewed 21-06-97 Speed Rating: Fast
Cowley's Jumpsite
Another very large Australian search engine which offers users the ability to rate sites. Provides facilities to search for all types of Australian web sites or for business sites only.
Last reviewed 21-06-97 Speed Rating: Fast
Multinet (NZ)
New Zealand's largest search engine. This site accepts and lists New Zealand sites only.
Last reviewed 21-06-97 Speed Rating: Fast
Sofcom Directories
One of Australia's premier home-grown search engines. Offers comprehensive categorised listings, a fast search engine, Pick Of The Day and email, newsgroup and mailing list search facilities
Last reviewed 21-06-97 Speed Rating: Fast
One of Australia's newest search engines. Offers a very large database of categorised sites with an interface similar to the USA's WebCrawler. Very fast and surprisingly comprehensive.
Last reviewed 21-06-97 Speed Rating: Very Fast
Web Wombat
Another home-grown Australian search engine with very impressive capabilities, though listings are manipulated (eg: users can buy a position in the listing so that their site is returned on the first page of any query that covers their chosen field). The Web Wombat site will be redesigned in 1997.
Last reviewed 21-06-97 Speed Rating: Very Fast

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