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The software products listed here are either freeware, shareware or trialware you can download directly from the manufacturer's web sites. Most of it is web-specific but some of it has general application in ordinary graphics work as well.

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Netscape Communicator
Microsoft Internet Explorer
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Riada Software
OpenCube Software
WebGenie Software
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GIF Construction Set
Ulead's GIF Tools
Graphics Software
PaintShop Pro
LView Pro
Impact Software
Image Map Editors
Screen & Site Capture Software
All Screen 95
Aptec Screen Capture Products
WebWhacker 2000
Miscellaneous Software
Xara Web Products
Alien Skin Eye Candy
TextPad ASCII Editor
  • Freeware is software that is provided to you absolutely free, without restriction. The author has generously donated this software to the world at large. There aren't many freeware products these days and some freeware is very buggy (hey! you get what you pay for). But some freeware products - like AOLpress or Netscape Communicator - are as good (or better) than competing commercial products and have deservedly become "classics"
  • Shareware is software that is provided to you on an "honour" basis. After a stated free trial period, you're expected to register the software if you continue to use it (though it will continue to operate if you don't). Shareware is generally of a much higher grade than freeware and the modest registration fees allow the authors to continue to develop and expand the product. So if you enjoy a shareware program and really want to see more of it, it's good sense to "do the right thing" and pay the registration fee (many shareware products gove you additional bonuses when you register).
  • Trialware is fully commercial software that is provided to you - like shareware - for a stated trial period (which can range anywhere between 14 and 90 days, though 30 days is now becoming the most common). Unlike shareware, if you don't register the software by the end of the trial period it will usually lock up and you'll find you're unable to reinstall it. Many expensive, full-blown commercial software packages are now available as trialware. And if you're contemplating a major purchase, this is an excellent way to give competing products a "run through" before you make a final decision.

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