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Image Maps & Such...
Image mappers allow you to "map" co-ordinates to portions of an image (a map, for instance) so that a viewer can click on the portions you've marked out to be taken to specific pages in your site. They do this by generating code you can drop into your web page along with the image.

These days, most HTML editors worth their salt include an image mapper as part of their toolkit. So the old stand-alone image mappers (like Map This!) have either become fully commercial or all but disappeared since 1997.

The software we've listed here will carry out image mapping for you fairly easily. We're looking for more image mappers right now, and hope to have some new reviews here soon. Thanks for your patience while we catch up!



AOLpress is a freeware WYSIWYG HTML editor (one we thoroughly recommend) that we've reviewed elsewhere as an HTML editor. One of its less well-known features is that it also includes a very simple, easy-to-use image map editor that can create image maps for you in a snap. With the disappearance and/or commercialization of most stand-alone image mappers over the last few years - and until we locate alternatives - this is probably the quickest way to obtain a freeware image mapper if you need to turn out image maps in a hurry. About 3Mb - for Windows 3.x/95/98 (Check your own HTML editor too, if you have one - you may have an image mapper already and not be aware of it).
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