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Screen and Site Capture Software
If you do a lot of presentations it's inevitable that you'll probably need to take a few screen snapshots to spruce up your notes, slides or a talk at some time. And for some people, spidering their own web site is an easier way to obtain a backup than FTP....

The software reviewed here will allow you to capture screens (or sites) fairly easily. We rate this an "occasional use" tool, but if you work in academia or a business where you need to do lots of screen captures, you may regard one of these as essential.


Site Capture?

There are very few reasons for capturing a site. One of them is to review the content offline at some future time, and the other is backup.

But if the site you're capturing is your own, you'll generally find that FTP is a much faster way to obtain a copy of it than spidering.

FTP is so easy to learn that if you don't know how to use it, it's worth investing 5 or 10 minutes to do so.

FTP programs we can recommend include WS-FTP, CuteFTP and FTP Voyager, all of which are available as either freeware or trialware.

Soft Concepts in Lanarkshire, Scotland make this delightful screen capture utility for Windows95/98/NT users. A basic version allows you to capture Windows95/98/NT screens while the the more advanced Pro version allows you to save the captured images in a variety of different image formats, resize them or capture the currently active window (rather than the complete screen, which is what the basic version will do). Both versions are distributed as shareware and their purchase prices are modest.

Aptec Screen Capture Products
Aptec (otherwise known as Application Techniques Inc) make 3 top-of-the-range commercial screen capture products that are probably the last word in comprehensiveness - two for Windows 95/98/NT and one for DOS (if you still use it). The Windows programs (CaptureEze Pro and CaptureEze 97) provide a vast range of facilities which are particularly apt if screen captures forms an important part of your work. All products have won a large number of awards from such authorities as CNN, Ziff-Davis and C/Net too. Available as trialware downloads (full registration is $US35 to $US40).

WebWhacker 2000
Ever wanted to be able to download entire pages off the web - graphics, text and everything one go? Blue Squirrel's WebWhacker 2000 allows you to "whack" pages in the background while you cruise the Net. This software, recently upgraded with an extensive list of new features, offers an ideal way to obtain backups of your web pages - whether to put together presentations of web materials or simply to pull down pages or entire sites for detailed offline study at a later time. WebWhacker 2000 works directly out of your browser and trial downloads are available for Windows95/98/NT and Macintosh users. A few other nice things available at this site too!

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