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The Free Graphics Store is a popular web destination. Every month more than 20,000 people come to visit us to find the resources they need to build snappy web sites - a very highly targeted market. And this makes us a good place to advertise if you have something of value to offer our readers.

We accept banner ads in the W3C standard size of 468 x 60 pixels (or less) and prefer all our banners to be 12K or less in weight to ensure the fastest possible display speeds.

You can advertise in our general banner rotation or - if you wish - by sponsoring a specific category in our directory. On general rotation, your advertisement will appear randomly anywhere throughout The Free Graphics Store, while category sponsorship ensures that your advertisement will only be seen in the Resources Directory category you've nominated. This offers even tighter targeting for your advertisements.



Total Price $AUD






















* These rates are for general rotation. Category sponsorship attracts a 20% loading.

** CPM refers to Cost Per Thousand impressions.

All rates are in $AUD, effective 28-Feb-00. To find out what this equates to in your own currency, click here

Arranging An Advertising Campaign

If you'd like to advertise with us, you can do so by email. We accept payment by VISA or Mastercard, or by international cheque or money order if you prefer

All advertising campaigns must be pre-paid and we reserve the right to reject unsuitable advertisements. Advertisers gain access to our real-time banner ad management software to determine how their advertising campaign is performing. Our software tracks exposures and click-thrus on a daily basis.

We can run individual banners, several banners in sequence (or simultaneously) and restrict banners to any pre-determined number of exposures and/or specific date ranges, as required. Your CPM buy is not limited to one banner - you may supply us with several if you wish.

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