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How To Use Our Web Resources Search Engine Like A Guru
To find information about a topic, simply type a few keywords related to the topic into our engine's search box and press Enter or click the Search button. For example, to find information about graphics of cats or dogs, you might type "cat graphics" or "dog graphics".

The more detailed your query, the more relevant your results. For example, to find all dog and cat graphic sources listed in our engine, you might type "dog cat graphics".

Our search engine also comes with some advanced capabilities to help you find exactly what you're looking for even faster and more accurately. The special characters used for these advanced search features are listed below:

NB: If you want the most comprehensive searches, type your query in lower case. Only search words or phrases containing an upper-case character are treated as case sensitive. Eg: A search on "internet" will match "Internet", "INTERNET", and "InTerNet". But searching for "INTERNET" would only match entries with INTERNET (in uppercase) in them.

Advanced Search Commands

Prefacing a search term with any of the special characters listed below can help refine your searches considerably:






this term

+internet Will only display listings that contain the word "internet"


this term

or ...
+internet -web
Will only display listings that do not contain the word "web"


this term

+internet or web This will find all listings containing "internet", and will rank those that also contain the word "web" a bit higher

" "

match this

"Internet Help" This will find all entries that contain the phrase "Internet Help" (case-sensitive).


Find all entries belonging to a given domain or matching a file name
The first example will return all entries for the domain. The second example shows how to locate every .asp page listed in the engine.


Find all entries submitted with this email address
This search allows you to find all page postings made by a specific person using their email address as the primary search criteria.



inter* You can use the asterisk as a "wildcard" to match parts of a word. In the example, the search would return any listing with any word starting with "inter". NB: The asterisk can represent 4 four letters/numbers at most, and can only be used in words or phrases which have at least 3 characters

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