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Other Great Graphics Libraries
The Internet has many wonderful graphics resources. Some specialise in particular types of graphics (eg: animations, icons, backgrounds), some are the works of particular art houses and designers and still others are magnificent general collections that contain a little bit of everything.

All of these collections exist to help you build better Internet sites and are well worth the visit if you're trying to locate a hard-to-source image you can't find in our own archives. It may take a little while, but chances are that what you're looking for is out there.... somewhere. Here's our guide to some of the best places to start looking.

Resource Description
Art Today Art Today are an online commercial graphics library that offer more than 1 million images ready to download, along with fonts and sounds. You can sign up for as little as US$7.95 for an all-you-can-download week, and longer periods are even cheaper. Well worth the look!
The Clip Art
One of the world's largest and best clip art collections, with an immense collection of links to help you source almost any type of graphic. Looking for something special? Start here!
The latest incarnation of the famous Andy's Art Attack. Useful freebies and the famous (and commercial) button vault. Old versions of Andy's Art Attack are also still extant on the Net, if you search a few engines...
Barry's Clip
Art Server
A large collection of thousands of clip art and animated GIF images, as well as clip art links.
of Clip Art
A very wide selection of free clip art and animations, including downloadable ZIP files
Digitmania Probably the Net's largest collection of digits for use on web clocks and page counters. Awesome, really...
If you're looking for other graphics sites - and there are lots of them out there - you can also search our Resources Directory in any of these categories:

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