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If you have a professional interest in webmastery, you need to keep up to date. The Internet is changing! HTML isn't quite as drop-dead simple as it used to be, XHTML is on the horizon and you can expect this growing complexity to accelerate over time. So if you want to stay right at the cutting edge you need to read at the cutting edge too.

This section points you to some of the best webmaster knowledge bases on the Internet that we know about: professional ezine and resource sites devoted to supplying all the technical, background and support information you need to know about if you're going to develop sites in today's demanding Internet environment.

Resource Description
DevHead ZDNet's DevHead is an amazing amalgam of things connected with web development and impossible to describe in a few sentences - but well worth visiting at least once (and, if it grabs you, more often). It covers coding, design and back-end issues and has many useful giveaways as well.
This ezine is part of's huge collection of sites and offers considerable depth and (frequently) compelling content. This site is now also home to several of the first-rate JavaScript resources we list on our JavaScript & CGI page.
The Web
Virtual Library
One of the most comprehensive one-stop link sites for information about virtually anything to do with web page development, tools and resources. This is a very, very popular site (and deservedly so!)
WebBusiness WebBusiness focuses on the ecommerce end of the Net, and is part of the CIO site. Its essential focus is on corporate issues and it may only be suitable if you're a dyed-in-the-wool suit yourself. Nonetheless, it often has interesting and useful articles.
Web Review The foundation ezine upon which nearly all others are based, this excellent publication was taken over by new owners and completely relaunched in 1997. Web Review provides excellent coverage of business, technology, design and programming issues.
Developer.Com Perhaps the best "nuts and bolts" site for heavy-duty web programming, Developer.Com focuses on technical issues associated with things like Java, JavaBeans, JavaScript, VRML etc in considerable depth. If you're heavily into web programming and the technical back end of the Net, this is probably an essential bookmark.
Builder.Com C/Net's Builder.Com is a marvellous resource for web builders. C/Net make use of their extensive news resources to present a very wide-ranging and up-to-date collection of articles on contemporary web-building topics, along with many useful giveaways.
UseIt.Com Jakob Nielsen is an acknowledged world expert on user interface design, and many of his essays have become instant classics. Graphic artists and designers may hate the look of this site, but we think it's well worth a visit at any time for its wide collection of intelligent and thought-provoking articles.

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