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News about the latest updates to our site

Popups Or Direct Links?

Could you help
us out?

We've been debating for a long, long time about whether we should display other sites in pop-up windows or simply pass you to them directly (direct links)

Some people love pop-ups because they allow you to surf multiple sites simultaneously.

Others loathe them because they can clutter up a browser and be confusing.

We're happy to display links the way you prefer - but we need to hear your opinion.

If you could spare a brief moment to vote in our online poll, we'd greatly appreciate it.

We'll set links whichever way the majority of our poll participants decide.

Thankyou for your help!.

NB: This poll is provided by Poll-It. Voting results are displayed in a pop-up window.

Window Popups
Should we pop up links in new windows?


Current Results

Hello Everyone!

This fortnight (after the yawn! of bullets last update) we have a collection of 16 assorted graphics for you.

These are lightweight, fun graphics in a variety of styles with a good range of uses. We've also included two handy decal buttons that a lot of people might find useful.

All graphics are 16 or 256-colour transparent GIFs and most will suit any background (but some really do look their best on a white or neutral one).

As always, these images are (to the best of our knowledge) public domain and freeware. We hope you enjoy them and give them good homes.

Our Resources Directory

Things have been fairly quiet in our Resources Directory over the last 2 weeks.

But while we've had a few new listings, our Top 50 is really starting to firm up and spread out, with several old favourites slowly pulling their way up the list.

Some of our visitors are now rating and commenting on sites too, which is great! (and thankyou if you've been doing this yourself)

We don't do either of these things. Your opinions about what is or isn't a useful site matter more than ours.

Our PopUp Poll

There are schools of web design which hold that pop-up browser windows aren't a good idea. They believe that you shouldn't use them on your web site much if at at all.

Popups tend to confuse new users. They're often over-used (adult web sites are frequent examples of popup abuse) and can chew up memory. Depending on how they're used, some viewers can also resent them because they can appear to be designed to "trap" users at a web site.

These are all valid points. But since we use popups in some parts of our site (banner advertisers or listings in the Resources Directory, for example - both designed to save viewers time rather than trap them on our site) we decided to put this to a test by running a public poll (see left).

Although the early results were roughly 2 to 1 against popups, as time's passed and more votes have come in, the polling has steadily drifted very close to 50:50.

There still aren't enough votes in the pool to declare that we have a valid statistical sample (so we'll keep it running). But the results to date indicate there's a division of opinion on this issue and whether or not you should use popups certainly isn't a sure thing.


Rushed Off Our Feet....

Finally, this fortnight's What's New update is briefer than normal because we're flooded with yuletide work and (after a long year) pretty exhausted and looking forward to a Christmas break. Probably much like you.

But thankyou - as always - for taking time out to visit us. Have a great fortnight and happy web authoring!


Your friends at
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